Logan M. North Carolina

National Debt

National debt is an issue that our government is facing right now. If we don't try to fix it, then we will always be in debt.

Dear next president,

The Policy for national debt is a continuous circle, our country hasn’t made any strides to try to decrease the debt. Herbert Hoover said “Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.” Ths statement shows how we’re not taking it seriously. The debt needs to be decreased or the United States won’t be able to use our money for a good cause. The national debt is a big topic for spending purposes in everyday life because the government uses citizen’s taxes to do whatever they want. The debt keeps going up even when we are using it for good and effective purposes; we just need to counter the rise of debt with a solution to excessive spending.

National debt has pushed our nation farther back in spending costs that we could be using to change the world for the better. We are now in debt to other countries that we shouldn’t have to be in debt to. We have been put into a cycle of constantly going further into debt even if it is for the right cause. We help other countries by funding militaries with guns. That takes away from our military and money. On top of funding other militaries, we might put a little too much into ours. We already have a very strong military if not the strongest. Why do we need to constantly put os much money into it? That alone could save so much money.

The debt has increased in ways that it shouldn't be increasing in. I wouldn’t say that medicare and social security is unimportant, but other countries handle it better than we do. Medicare and social security are two of the top things that our government uses money on annually. Medicare and Social security are the leading factors in national debt since 2009. Now there are studies conducted that are funded by our government that just waste money. There are studies that just don’t have any relevance to helping our county what so ever. These studies are almost just throwing away money to find out why monkeys throw their feces at people. It took 200 years to get the U.S. debt to 1 trillion dollars(1990s). In 2005 it was 8 trillion dollars, and now it is 19 trillion dollars. Studies that waste money doesn’t help the cause of our national debt.

Some people believe that the national debt is a joke and isn’t really something to worry about now or anytime in the near future. They think that our national debt can keep rising without anything happening to our economy. Our debt is the most out of all the countries in the world and makes up for one third of the world's debt. This shows that there is a problem that needs to be solved. The debt has now broken U.S. records in how much it has grown. This is a reason to think a change needs to be made.

I think that a good solution for our debt might be a restraint on how much money the government is allowed to use for certain things. If the government is wasting money on things that don’t really help our economy; how are they helping decrease the debt? This would make sure that they have some sort of a restraint on what they choose to spend money on. Another solution could be having categories that the government can spend money in. This is to make it that they can’t put money into random experiments.

Our debt is like a lingering illness, we make strides to get better and then we take a nosedive and become worse and worse. We can’t get out of our own way to make a change for the better. The debt has grown exponentially since 2008, it is now 19 trillion and rapidly going up. It took 200 years to get it to one trillion and it took about twenty years to get it to almost twenty trillion. The government has used money coming from our paychecks so they can waste it on things that really isn’t helping us get rid of the debt. Something has to be done no, or our country will be in this debt for a very long time if not forever.


Logan M. 

Orange High School

Mrs. Connor's 1st Period Class

English II Honors

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