Juan R. Georgia

Illegal immigration

I want the future president to open up the borders more and to not be so mean to the immigrants. I believe that immigrants have the right to live here and have the same rights as anybody else in this country. No immigrant should be treated like they committed a crime. They just want to start a new life.

Dear Future President,

I am currently writing about Illegal Immigration, it is the 21st century and yet immigrants or “illegal aliens” are being sent back to their countries. I have watched many videos, the news and I have read articles, and I’ve seen that many Immigrants have tried to get into this country in many different and extreme ways. Such as hiding in cars, where it is extremely dangerous, and under the seats which could be fatal if the immigrant is dehydrated. The way that these human beings are treated just angers me, “immigrants” aren’t aliens, they are human being like us.

I understand that police and border patrol have to send illegal immigrants back, but I wonder if they know that most of those immigrants come here to actually start a new life, a safer life. I see that some immigrants have done illegal stuff, but have you ever wondered if it was for the right cause, I mean sure they did bad stuff but maybe it was for their family and since they were immigrants they couldn’t get nice jobs.

I know a person who can’t work because he is an immigrant so instead he paints and sells them in order for him and his spouse to have a shelter and food. He paints and it seems like he is doing it for fun, it is but he does it, in order to pay the bills. That is the best he could do because he is a really good artist, he is an immigrant who is not doing anything bad, and there are many more like him. I have seen many people that is born here yet they don’t do anything to help “America,” all I see is more pollution.

The fact that many people who call Mexicans immigrants, don’t know whether those Mexicans are citizens or not. That I find very disrespectful, I have many friends who are citizens and yet they are disrespected. I also see many videos where the Immigrants are being taken just because they want to get in the United States of America. To start a new life and have a family without worrying about their childerens saftey

I have seen many videos about illegal immigration and these poor humans being sent back. I then look at the comments and I see that there are two sides in the comments. The first side is laughing and supporting the video, and saying that Donald trump is the best and that they want to make America great again. The second have are mad and arguing with those who are laughing, there was one I read that made me think and I saw that many people liked that comment.

The comment stated that “Why do you say we are going to make America great again, if you are kicking the people who have contributed in this country to make it a better place. To look better as well, and do all sorts of stuff for you to live happier, they worked very diligently and they aren’t even citizens.” There are also less and fewer immigrants because of the border being so tight; it is harder to get through if you’re an immigrant, who wants to start a happy life for his or her family. I want the future President to make the border more open, and to make it easier to become a citizen.

By: Juan  8th grade