Thomas Minnesota

Stolen Valor

Raise awareness for stolen valor.

Dear Future President,

The Stolen Valor Act was passed in 2013 which made it a crime to wear fake military uniforms and show off fake medals as if someone was in the military but was not. People do this to receive false recognition and also to get attention from other people as well as getting discounts in stores and/or while shopping. Homeless people do this as well to receive false recognition and to get money for it also In this letter I will be informing you why the stolen valor act should be more well known

There are many different punishments that have been given to people convicted of stolen valor. According to Task & Purpose, one creative punishment for example a fake medal of honor recipient was required to write 174 apology letters to all medal of honor recipients and had to serve 250 hours at the Veterans Administration hospital. There are many other creative punishments that have been given as well and many have been harsh so that i would likely make people not want to do it because of the consequences.

Stolen Valor is a horrible thing to do because there are real soldiers and veterans that have served and lost their lives for this country and when people false claim themselves as have served in the military it is sickening towards the real men and women in uniform.

Many people do not realize that this is happening right now and I believe that if more people were aware then this would happen less and it could come to a stop. Some possible ways we could do this is by maybe showing what others can do if they suspect someone is breaking this law, and whether or not they should call someone out, or you could even host an event.

In conclusion I believe the Stolen Valor Act needs more recognition so it can come to a stop all together and others will realise how big of a deal it is.


Thomas Igo