Tom R. Utah

Gun Control

How we should keep guns out of the wrong hands, along with a better screening process to keep guns in the right minds. The statistics of how many children are accidentally shot or accidentally shoot others due to gun owners.

Dear Future President,

First off congratulations on winning the presidential campaign. There are many issues regarding the nation from immigration to abortion so I know you have a lot on your plate. But personally a topic I think you should be concerned with is gun control in our country. Personally I am not against the second amendment, I do believe everyone should have the right to own a gun but that’s not the issue concerning gun control. The issue is people not in the right state of mind can buy and handle a gun and multiple guns are making their ways into children's hands and many of these kids are killing other kids or they are killing themselves which is not right. I don’t know a gun ending solution because I don’t think there should be because people do need protection. But in the end we need a way to lock these guns in a way to not allow them to go off and to provide a standard background check to make sure they are going to the right people.

Regarding children shooting themselves or others in a paper written just last year there were around 265 people accidentally shot by kids in that year. That is about five accidental firearms going off in about a week. Many unintentional firearm shooters are mainly toddlers around the age from three and four. Taking these numbers into account we should have a better locking system for the gun and to keep the guns out of childrens hands. If we put more rules on a guns that can keep less people from accidentally killing each other and it can allow the people in the right mind own the guns. Just a thought to put more regulations on guns to save many more lives.

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