Joelle A. California

Pro-Choice is the right choice

Abortion only affects one person, and that's the woman who is experiencing it. Abortion does not affect you or anybody around you, so this is why it should be legal in all 50 states.

Dear Future President,

I know with elections coming up and all, you are very busy with your job and what you have to do. I am aware that you have to deal with many other situations, but it would mean a lot to me if you took the time to look over an issue that impacts many women around the world.

Abortion should stay legal because I personally believe that it shouldn't be anyone's choice what to do with your body. Abortion allows women to get the choice to keep their child or not. If it were to ever become illegal, it would eliminate the option for women. This can be dangerous because if there would be severe or fatal consequences, those consequences would have to be dealt with instead of easily being avoided. Texas officials said that abortion was necessary to protect the health and safety of women. They looked at many different cases and point of views. An estimated 30 percent of U.S women will have an abortion in their lifetime. Globally, 13 percent of women in Africa have an abortion, 40 percent in Latin America and 29 percent in Asia all have abortions. This is a total of 36 million annually. This shows that if abortion were to become illegal, women would have no choice but to put their lives or their babies lives in risk. 

If abortion were to become illegal, think about this. If a woman were to get raped, she would have no choice but to give birth to a child whose biological father is a rapist. I can understand the other side of the grass as well. I understand that maybe young women or adults aren't careful enough, and do actually end up pregnant, they should have to raise a child as a lesson. However, if a woman were to have an abortion, it literally would not affect anyone except the woman. At the age of 20, my mother had an abortion because she felt she was not ready to have a child. Even though I was not born yet, the fact that she had an abortion has had absolutely no impact on my life in anyway. What has impacted my life is that there is a chance that women will not be able to make a choice for themselves. That a woman has to listen to somebody else to tell her what she has to do with her own body. So president, tell me this. Are you going to let women do what they feel is best for their own body? Or are you going to let somebody else tell them what they should do, when they don't have any right to say what to do with somebody else's body.