Ava D.

Sexist Rhetoric and Why It's a Bad Idea

How the president's voice towards women can affect the overall viewpoint of women in the United States of America and how it affects the overall welfare of the country.

Dear Mr. President-Elect,

I hope you’ve enjoyed the past few weeks of cabinet appointee apple-picking, and dining at high-quality Manhattan restaurants, because you are going to be in charge of the country in a few weeks. Yes, sure it’s been fun being the president-elect and taunting the media with your Cabinet choices, but the world still turns. And, unfortunately for many women, our world still turns with the same regard for us that it had in the 1660’s; no amount of booing your vice president or ludicrous tweets will ever change that. I’m sure that you are rolling your eyes with the first mention of sexism, so I’ll answer the question I’m sure you’re asking yourself: “How long is this letter going to be?” The answer: as long as it needs to be. But if you want to be able to connect with the women of the United States, 55% of the country’s population, you should really read the entire letter.

I am a young woman who has been following this year’s election, and besides being monumentally disappointed in America’s deep divide, I noticed a pattern with you in particular, which is your denomination of females. You love to put down women, and women have noticed that. Sexist rhetoric is a big issue, not just with you, but you do inspire it in a lot of men, and if the president does it, you can understand how it affects the citizens of the country you will soon lead. If you want this country to accept you as the president, which, technically, did not elect you president, you need the support of progressive women, or women who see themselves as equal citizens as men; a demographic that makes up a very large portion of the population; a demographic that, largely, does not support you.

As I was saying, the president is supposed to be a model citizen, and to lead the country with a positive attitude that represents all of America. That means women, too, Mr. Trump. We make up over half of the world’s population, and if we can’t do what we want on our own accord, or be mocked or made fun of for doing it, there would be major problems for everyone. If you want women to like you, start giving them the respect they are entitled to. Instead of insulting women if they disagree with you or question your credibility or whatnot, you could respectfully disagree with them via press conference or official statement, but Twitter is probably not the most qualifying forum to give your opinion. In fact, insulting women is more likely for them to continue to back their claims, but a calm, not offensive attitude is more likely for them to find a common ground with you.

In conclusion, good sir, it would be much appreciated by much of the country if you could alter your rhetoric that is offensive towards women, and would benefit the welfare of the entire country. I await your new course of action.


Ava D’Amore

Lewis Middle School

Ferro, English 8 Cluster

Period 6 and 7

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