Joshua m. Montana

Stop Teen Smoking

We need to do something about teen smoking it is getting worse and worse each year. Read my letter and think about what you should do about this issue.

Dear Future President,

My issue that I would like to talk about in this letter is teen smoking. I care about this issue because more and more teens get affected everyday whether there getting it from other grown ups or their friends and family. I thinks that this is such a big issue because i have seen it happen and i have heard of families getting destroyed because of it.

Some symptoms of teen smoking can be losing your life because you tried to do something stupid while buzzed or high. Another symptom could your body not reacting well to the stuff you smoked and then you can’t breathe. There are also a lot of crazy people in the drug world that will kill you if you don’t pay them or do something wrong.

Some root causes of this problem could be that you just grew up in the wrong environment so your just used to it. Your could cause you to smoke just to be cool and they will tell you that there is nothing wrong with it just so you will do it. Another cause could be that you are just depressed so you want to do something that will take you mind off everything.

Some solutions that i think might work could be making the punishment a little harder so then they might not do it anymore. Another solution that could work would be raising the age of legally smoking higher. We could find kids who live in bad households and get them moved to different families so they will grow up healthy and clean from drugs.

So that is all i have to say about that issue. Someone needs to do something about teen smoking or it will just get worse. Thank you for taking the time to read about this issue.

Sincerely, Josh M.