Danielle Georgia

Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigrants should have an easier path to citizenship.

There are millions of citizens in the United States and 17.7 percent of those people are illegal immigrants. These people come for a better, more efficient life, not just for themselves but for their children too. But they cannot do that because of the rules and regulations to become an American citizen. It takes on average eight years for immigrants to become legal citizens of the U.S. We should create an easier way for a path to citizenship for immigrants.

The first reason there should be an easier way for immigrants to become an American citizen is because these people have been through a lot of adversity. Syrian refugees come from a place where war has been occurring since 2011, and it is not a safe place to be. In Mexico drug lords run around the country making it unstable and a dangerous place for people to live in. There best option is for them to come to this country. These families come to be in a safer environment. They want their kids to be better educated but that can’t happen if you keep deporting people back to their previous country without them being able to explain their situation.

My next reason is that there are some immigrants that have been in the U.S. for ten years and still are not granted with the rights and privileges of an American citizen. They have to abide by all the laws like paying taxes and paying bills. The undocumented immigrants have paid 10.9 billion dollars in tax money in 2016 and the year isn’t even over yet. They are not allowed to vote and express the opinions based on the rules and that is a problem that needs to be fixed.

The last reason is that many of these immigrants create jobs for people in their local area. They do the jobs that other people don’t want to do like picking crops and fixing and repairing other people’s possessions. On average they create about 60 percent of the jobs in the United States. Some people think there spending too much tax money on illegal immigrants, when in reality they also have to pay taxes even though they are not legally documented into the government system. Many people take citizenship for granted.

Many people take citizenship for granted, not realizing some people would die for the opportunity that legal citizens have. All in all these immigrants come for many different reasons. Some come for a safer place to be, for a better life or even just to be closer to family. But in this time and situation we should try to make it easier for illegal immigrants to have a pathway to citizenship, so they can fulfill what they feel they want and need in life.

Sincerely Danielle