Haley Nevada

College tuition and state funding

College tuition and stressed cauesed by tuition on students and parents due to state funding

Dear Future President

College is considered a major step towards showing the transition from high school to a higher form of education. Which entails more responsibility, and in all likelihood, one step further to adulthood..But should the becoming of a young adult also come with the debt of college tuition? I say not.. students should be able to attend college without the stress of having to pay a high bill for tuition. Students new or old, still have to face new curriculum and classes , along with the debt that comes with room and books alone. In fact, according to the college board “The average cost of tuition and fees at a private, nonprofit, four year university this school year was $31,231 up sharply from $1,832 in 1971-1972(in current dollars). At public, four-year schools, tuition and fees cost about $9,139 this year”. So why is college tuition so expensive?

 It's not something easily explained as to why tuition cost so much, but some of the depending factors is the campus , years of attending, and state funding. That being said, most colleges receive money from the state to help pay for their programs and due to recent budget cuts in state funding and growth of spending programs, colleges have received less money. In fact a study was released by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in 2013 states had decreased spending per student by 28% percent less than in 2008. Experts agree that there has been pressure to provide money towards other spending programs”specifically medicaid are requiring more and more state funds, which in the zero-sum world of state spending has left fewer and fewer dollars for other programs” says a report done by moody which monitors finances of state. After all is said and done there initially cannot be no free college and meet the needs of the people, because with lower tuition might as well mean higher taxes to pay. So perhaps coming up with a happy medium can suffice, college will not be free but it can be more cost effective towards students and concerned parents. So in turn my request to you Future President is to formulate a plan to better use and give state funding towards the future generations of students.

 Sincerely, Haley W

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