Rebecca D. Kentucky

Education For All

This is about the education issue. Donald Trump V.S. Hillary Clinton


Education For All

Dear Future President,

Education is a very important thing for everyone.

Everybody should have a good education. In this presidential debate, Clinton and Trump have completely different idea's about education. For example, do you want a president that wants to reduce testing (Hillary Clinton) or a president that cares about college debt (Donald Trump). Think. As a student even that's not in college would like to get rid of college debt. Take your pick.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton want's every single child from every

single zip-code to have access to world-class education. For example, she want's everyone to have access to high-quality preschool's. She say's we need to take strike on the right balance on testing. She want's to give teacher's the supplies and training they need. She wants to make college affordable so that people don't have to borrow money and pay student debt. “I strongly oppose voucher schemes because they divert precious resources away from financially strapped public schools to private schools that are not subject to the same accountability standards or teacher quality standards.” says Hillary on “60 MINUTES”.


Donald Trump

Donald Trump believes that every kid in the U.S. Should get an opportunity to reach their dreams and get a great education. They will respect homeschoolers in their for alternatives for education and enhance education options for student's through school charters and choice. So that kids are not buried in debt, they will make it easier for them to pay off their debt. So it sound's like he would be a good education choice. “Nothing is more important than higher education and education in general” Trump said.

In Common

So they do have something in common. They are both wanting to reduce or completely wanting to get rid of college debt. As a student that is not in college, I find it very good for parents and students in college that they don't have to pay $20,000-$50,000 for school. While Hillary cares more about EDUCATION than Trump, they both want to reduce college debt.

Finally, in conclusion, Trump wants to reduce college debt. He wants to make sure everyone respect's the choice homeschoolers made. Meanwhile, Hillary wants to reduce the amount of testing in schools. Give teachers supplies and training they need. Make sure every kid in every zip code to have access to world-class education. They both want to reduce college debt.


Rebecca D.