Fabiyon Louisiana


To the next President of the U.S, I think you should raise taxes for the wealthy class and cut taxes for the poorer classes.

Dear President,

I think you should cut taxes for the poor classes and raise taxes for the wealthy. I think the poor classes taxes should be cut the most and just a little decrease for the middle class citizens, because I know what taxes mean for the U.S. 

You should cut taxes for the lower and middle classes because of every state is not doing good according to jobs and education if that what you think. Most of the people in the U.S are still struggling and they have an higher education at the high school and college level than most of the wealthy folks in the U.S. Take a state like Louisiana for instance, it is the poorest state and I live in the poorest area of the state so I am a primary source when telling you this. Your citizens are in need !

You should raise taxes for the wealthy class because they are simply being payed to little taxes for the amount of money the make and have. Now all wealthy class citizens taxes shouldn't take a big increase but I am really speaking about the people with "Bill Gates" money. 

Sincerely Yours,

Fabiyon Kelly  

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