Skylar Pennsylvania

Animal Abuse

Animal abuse happens way too much. Animal abuse is also very harmful to animals.

October11, 2016

Dear Future President,

I see a lot of things on TV of vets helping animals who have been in fights, or owners abusing their dogs or animals. I think this is very unacceptable because animals are living too. Just because they are different does not make it fair to destroy their lives.

"Cruelty to animals is also called animal abuse or animal neglect, is the inflict by humans of harm to any animal, regardless if it is illegal or not." This should not be allowed because animals are living creatures too. Harming your animal is almost like harming your own child in a way, and would you really want your child to suffer?

“I think this topic is important to know about because these are animals' lives that are getting harmed.” The first important fact is animal abuse is 64.5 percent involving dogs and 18 percent involving cats." Whether it's cats or dogs being harmed or any other animal there should be no percentages in the abuse world. The second fact is "not all abuse is violent because animal neglect consists of animal abuse and not feeding and animal is neglect.” Do you feed your pet if you have one? Do you feed it every day? Well you should because just like humans pets and animals need to eat too because they are living. The third fact is “studies show that spousal abusers and child abusers tend to abuse animals first. “Why do people abuse and kill animals? Or why do people abuse animals, and humans?

In conclusion I think you, as the future President, should be aware this happens more than people may think and there needs to be an end to this soon. You should also be aware people should have pets to love and if they want to harm them then they should be left alone.