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Pay for Your Own Stadium

Public tax dollars should not be collected for private entities.

Dear future president,

The Miami Marlins stadium cost roughly $500 million. The Miami Marlins baseball team is a private company, even though it seems like it exists for the public's interest. The city of Miami and North Miami taxpayers payed for about $350 million, which is ludicrous when the owner of the team, Jeffrey Loria, alone is worth $500 million. But, in the meantime, the Marlins team gets to collect all of the money from ticket sales, parking, and from sodas that cost about, o, about $100. That seems reasonable because they need to pay their player's their "living" wage, like the contract that Stanton recently signed for $325 million. The problem is that instead of the fan's money going to pay the expenses of the new stadium, it pays for the owners profit and the player's "living" wages, leaving the expense of the new stadium to the tax payers. Many of these tax payers don't even care about baseball and will never even attend a game anyways because they are too expensive. The reality is that public taxpayer money should go to public facilities such as public roads, schools, and parks, not to private entities. 

Thank you, 

J Max Liff

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