Zachary J. Florida

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

The title of a song by The Notorious B.I.G. 1997. Even though this just a song, it is true. Our Congress waste money we sometimes don't even have, and they spend it like we have trillions of dollars. Can Hillary or Trump solve this predicament? Consider the following.

Dear Future President,

Have you ever spent money? Of course you have and more money than I may ever have. Maybe, unless you're a kid, you do it every single day. In the workplace, something simple or lavish? It doesn't matter, you and Congress will  always spend money. Yet, I want to tell you how people like my family spend money.

One, entertainment and so does  our U.S.Congress.How much money do they spend in entertaining  groups and foreign dignitaries.?  My family works hard to save trips to Disney World,how much of my families tax money helps entertain their constituents? How much of my parents money goes to help Congress pay for expensive restaurants and food on salaries paid for by all American citizens?Two, do they really know what it is like to budget funds? My family does that every day,they spend only on what they can afford to, no more no less. Why doesn't  Congress use the same sense my family uses before they spend money that is not theirs?My family pays off their debt and credit cards and then wait to purchase something they really want. Why doesn't Congress do the same, will you? I hope so, but if you need some help, I know a few good Americans that would love to show you how.


Zachary Julian Jean 08 Renaissance at Palms West Charter, Royal Palm Beach