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Deporting Immigrants

How are we going to help undocuemented immigrants become citizens of the United States?

There have   been many issues that may or not been solved with the soon to be new President of the United States.One issue that really needs to be resolved , is  the deporting  of illegal immigrants. Immigrants who came to this country ,since the Pilgrims, really had a huge impact here in developing  this country.  There are millions who are here illegally but is deporting them the answer?  If they are in the millions I do not believe they mean harm.They just want a chance, like those immigrants of the past to be part of something greater than from where they came.   As a nation we should support them, help them overcome and  to  become be part of who and what we are. We are good citizens when we others and motivate them to  take risk and fight for what is right. Soon enough it may be their children who bear arms to protect us against our enemies.


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