Dennis Florida

Middle School Academic Pressure


Dear Candidate,

            Middle school is putting serious pressure  on young teens. We need to worry about homework, tests, high school, college, etc and we are only age 12,13, and 4.. We don’t need all this stress worrying about if we don’t do well enough  in school or worrying  about  having  a good job. We are just kids! On April 24, 2016, Jennifer O’Donnell gave her opinion about academic pressure on She said, " they look young, but in middle school students are feeling the pressure that was in the past reserved  for high school juniors.." In middle school students are told about competition that occurs for us now so we can enter  good high school magnets programs. Pre-law, Pre- medical .... Pre- SATs and more. Some of the pressure can come from staff members at school, it  also occurs from parents. Resist the attempt to push your child so that they can enjoy  middle school. They’re still growing up, and don’t need more stress and more pressures than what they already have. Save the college discussion for  us when  we are there older and in High School. You’ll be glad that you looked rather at  programs that help us strengthen our basic skills so we can easily learn what is needed in High School.

Thank you,

Denny B. or Renaissance @ palms west charter