Virginia Florida

Police Brutality

My letter is about the police brutality that is going on in our country.

Dear President,

Before I get started I would like to personally welcome you to office. My name is Virginia Taylor and although I am not legally of age to vote, I trust that my fellow Americans chose the right candidate to oversee our country. Now I understand that during your campaign you had to explain your plan to change some of the things that are wrong with our country, but history has proven that not all elected candidates have kept their word while in office. Despite what promises you intend to keep and or completely disregard, all I ask is that you keep one promise; do all that you can to eradicate police brutality.

It upsets me that almost everytime I turn on my television to watch the news, there is always some sort of incident involving a civilian and a police officer. And what makes me even more upset is that sometimes the civilian is innocent, or didn’t deserve such brutal treatment. I’m tired of seeing people become statistics without any justice being served. I’m tired of seeing hurt families having to bury their loved one’s all because a police officer “thought they were holding a gun”. I’m tired of hearing that another black person has had a round emptied into them because of their color. If you haven’t noticed already. I. Am. Tired.

I am coming to you as a citizen, as a fellow american, as a civilian, as someone who doesn’t have a significant impact on the society around me and is therefore asking you, the President, to make the change that I want to see.

I wish you the best of luck in office, and I hope that you really do take this letter into consideration while running this country.


Virginia Taylor

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