Leandro Santillana Florida

Saving our Islands

The Honorable Future President 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear future President, I am a resident of North Miami, FL and I am a senior in Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High. I am writing because I have a great concern about the safety of our islands. The city of Sunny Isles is an island that houses more than 13,000 people in houses and apartments without taking on account of the people that go to work there every day. These people live in dozens of buildings that are of heavy weight on the small island, however, more buildings and houses are being made each year in Sunny Isles. The problem with this is that, with the sea level rising, in the near future Sunny Isles might cease to exist. As a concerned citizen I suggest that the construction of buildings and houses in small or isolated islands should be regulated for the purpose of delaying the sinking of these said islands. Global warming and other environmental factors may affect our life styles in the near future and one thing we can do is to delay the inevitable in order to continue our lives in these islands and coasts as long as possible. I hope that you can make a change in how government addresses environmental concerns, and help the people live without worries as long as possible. Thank you for considering this mater. Sincerely, Leandro Santillana [email protected]

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