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Animal Testing

Animals have nothing to do with our everyday products, right?

Dear Next President,

Dove, Axe, L’Oreal, Olay, Clean and Clear, and so much more. These are all popular products, right? Well sure, but do we really know what happens before these products hit the stores. Yeah, they go through manufacturing and packaging but what happens before all that? Animals happen, animal testing. They test our favorite products and so much more on animals. But it seems harmless right? Wrong, these poor bunnies and monkeys get tested on and end up with horrible rashes, blindness, and even fatality. All for what? Some eye makeup or some spray on deodorant. I say it's not worth it, I think we need to stop animal testing all over America.

Some might say that we need to test these products on animals so we don’t get rashes or hives ourselves, and I get that. But some People also say that they would rather have animals die or suffer than humans and they are right. According to animals are a good alternative to testing on humans. But there are alternatives to testing these silly little products on innocent animals. According to the website “Neaves,” It states that scientists could measure skin reaction using 3-dimensional human skin replicas such as Epiderm and SkinEthic. Which predicts the skin's reaction depending on the type of drug or chemical which is up to 95% accurate. Therefore there are other alternatives to cosmetic products than testing on animals.

Animal testing can be defective misspending the lives of animal subjects. According to ProCon.Org

“The majority of animals used in biomedical research are killed during or after the experiments, and since many suffer during the studies, the lives and wellbeing of animals are routinely sacrificed for poor research.”

94% of narcotics that are effective and cure animal subjects fail clinical trials on humans, according to the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. Animal body systems are not the same as ours so how do you expect them to react the same way?

Animal testing is barbaric and harsh. The animals are subjected to force feeding, food and water deprivation, physical restraint, forced wounds to study the healing process and even decapitation, according to the Animal Humane Society. Animals are forced to go through the excruciating pain with no anesthesia. The different types of animals they test on are rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. This includes about 100,00 animals and that's just on a couple experiments.

Drugs that pass animals tests are not necessarily safe. According to, a sleeping pill was tested on hamsters, cats, mice and guinea pigs and all the pregnancies did not result in a birth defect, but when given on humans 10,000 babies were born with birth deformities.

In conclusion, I think animal lives matter, not more than humans but I don’t think we should take advantage of them. %56 billion animals are already getting killed for our consumption now we are just adding more numbers to that when there are other alternatives. Animal testing is inhumane and cruel. Although, we have other alternatives we still decide to test on innocent animals that are forced to suffer against their will. Therefore, we need to stop animal testing because it isn’t effective and even when it passes the test on animals it isn’t always safe for humans.



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