Amanda C. Pennsylvania

Why Keeping Our Environment Important

Ms. Dickerson English 3 Honors Class

Amanda Chaloeunporn

7th period


Dear Next President,

My name is Amanda Chaloeunporn and I am a student at Olney Charter High School. I currently have a problem with witnessing animals and people all over my neighborhood get injured by the excessive trash that is being thrown on the ground by those who don’t understand the possible negative effects. I would like the president to read my letter and have an understanding of my arguments and my reasons. I want see a change in my community and no one to get harmed by the actions of the people that is still not yet stopped.

Let me tell you about how uncleanliness is a major problem in our community. I see half of the people around Philadelphia throwing excessive trash that can cause physical harm to young children or adults. I know for a fact that anyone can get hurt or feel upset that our walkway is filled with trash. Most people would even kick it out of the way to avoid getting hurt and I don't want our people in our community to go through that. That's why I want a clean environment before someone will get severely injured and it's all because of littering. To prevent this from happening, I think it'll be easier if we have a “no littering” sign along with a saying that there can be a fine that anyone would have to pay if littering does occur. I want our people to live in a safe and clean environment so they can always feel welcomed.

Let’s say you, whom is reading this now, decide to help me stop the people around the world from littering and stop them from harming our animals that most people have to keep in their homes to guard, protect their family from danger. Instead of throwing trash all over Philadelphia, many people can recycle waste like paper, glass, aluminum and paper. Then most likely we’ll have a safe clean environment ("10 Most Practical Ways to Help Clean the Environment." Green Diary - Green Revolution Guide by Dr Prem. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2016.). Also, throwing trash and waste materials, in or out your house, can cause less risk of any negative excess that can affect you and your family’s health ("10 Most Practical Ways to Help Clean the Environment." Green Diary - Green Revolution Guide by Dr Prem. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2016.). These are two evidence from the website above about why it is important to keep the community clean and stop throwing excessive trash outside or leave them around nearby a pet. Just by what i said, this can prevent animals or us people to get injured.

There are many perspective on keeping Philadelphia clean and why it is important. If you don’t care about animals or the people’s safety then i rather you be the cause of their deaths and suffer the consequences you deserve. In fact, I walked around my neighborhood on my way to the store and i witnessed a group of owners littering while their pets, knowing that most likely they will eat it. I saw one of the puppy eat a bone. The puppy was very small and the owner should’ve prevent it from eating the bone. I rather have a safe space for all people around the world, including animals, because having a trashy environment can affect people’s emotions. I never want to see anyone get hurt or be in a serious condition over something that can be solved.

Although, I know that I have my opinions on how I want my community to look and be. But I know what and how many different people from me will look at how dirty our community is and notice there can be a lot of accidents while walking. I know many people would have their opinion on it and some people will feel the same way I feel right now. I suggest we make a change in the people's lives and mine, to clean our environment to prevent any harm to ourselves and the people. I hope my letter is being read by a person who can help me make a change for me and the people’s lives. I hope my argument and reasoning(s) will make a change in our community.