Christina California

Discrimination is Unacceptable

Discrimination plays a common negative role in today's society, a matter we must change for the world's progression.

Dear Future President:

A California State Fullerton professor who specializes in communications once told her students: A boy and his father are traveling together when suddenly a car runs into them. The father dies while the boy is in an urgent condition as he is rushed into the ER. The surgeon in charge of the operation says, “I can not operate on him. He is my son.” Who is the surgeon? You probably thought the surgeon was his father, or are confused. However, the correct answer is that the surgeon is his mother. It is stereotypical that all surgeons are men while nurses are women in today’s society. People are being discriminated in numerous ways whether dealing with sexism, marriage views, or racial differences. It is evident that things need to change in order to help the US improve as a whole nation.

According to the New York Times, the Cleveland Indians baseball team has become a center of discrimination through their undeniable racist logo of their mascot Chief Wahoo. In the photo, it is evident that the famous, loved team is abusing their fame as a symbol of racism to create a humorous, yet horrific stereotype of Indians with buck-teeth, crooked noses, and burned skin. They play a major role in the baseball field, but portray harsh racist views, emphasizing the need to change in the US.

Furthermore, based on research from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Washington, and Stanford University, 16-28% take longer to request an Uber and Lyft driver if an individual portrays African American qualities. Additionally, it is claimed that the people who drive women are more likely to take a longer route in order to increase profits. Uber and Lyft provides an easy, accessible transportation common for people throughout the US. However, it is now being claimed as a sign of discrimination with their lack of consideration and racist actions. These negative experiences hinders the credibility of the US work force and people individually. Thus, these signs emphasize the need to call to action to improve daily work systems and prevent discrimination.

In conclusion, it is evident that America must change their ways in order to create a stable environment with less hatred towards on another. People are discriminated in numerous ways that negatively affect the US personally and physically. However, it is your job as the next president to prevent these differences and help America excel through the help of citizens.


Christina Y.