Avalon A. California

Children having a voice in the Family Court

In family court children should be able to have a voice and someone to talk to that way they can understand their situation.

  Dear President, 

                  In today's society many families are separated and this is causing many children to have depression. I know this because I have firsthand experience with this. In my opinion I believe there should be a support system where the child has a voice and can have a lawyer without feeling the pressure of the other parent. Also there should be a family  judge that is available to be able to talk to the child. Lastly I think that our cops in our country should not profile a child based on race, gender, and act as if the child is lying.

         The first thing i would like to address is that the support system with someone there to be able to talk a child or teen who could help them. Just giving the child some direction on where to go and how to do it. In California the court systems have a very few or no support. I have tried for about 6 months to be able to live full time with my mother. I've gone to the courthouse about 7 times in about a year and have no help.

         Lastly, the issue that should be addressed is that cops should not be based off of the gender, race, nor the other parent opinion. For me i had called the cops on my father telling them i was in danger they came and told me to relax and that i was overreacting because I'm a girl that has hormones. Therefore, I was overreacting. 

 Overall, I would like to congratulate you on your win in the presidential election.