Derek L. California


Abortion is legal and should stay legal

Dear Future President

Let's skip the introduction. I believe that the real problem lies with The People's opinion of abortion. Abortion is a very controversial topic that many people are very strictly opinionated on. Abortion should be legal because the decision lies with the mother of the baby. 

There are over 125,000 abortions performed each day, and each of the abortions include the decision of the baby being prevented or saved. Most people would believe abortion is a type of "murder" even though technically the baby is not being born yet. A fetus won't remember how it walks or cries or even its own name.  I completely understand that if a baby is around 8-9 months, nearing the end of pregnancy, then it could be a very controversial idea to then terminate the pregnancy then and there. However, this should only prove how a woman should have complete control over their body and how they want to live the rest of their life. Abortion is a free choice with the consent of the carrier.

Abortion also does not give bad influence to the carrier. Some might say that abortion might send emotional signals to the carrier, but that only depends on the outside forces, whether they are pressuring her into doing something not of her decision. The mother of the baby should know of what is to come after her abortion. No one should terminate their baby blindly without reviewing the causes and effects. 



Derek L.