Angeles V. California

Helping Immigrants and Letting Immigrants Come To U.S

There are many benefits that immigrants do and we need to help them.

 The problem is that they don't let immigrants come to united states. Some immigrants just come for better lives because there home where they came from was not safe parents come because they want their child to be successful and be someone in life also that some are homeless but they still come to school but sometimes they need money for some school supplies .

Every year 720,000 illegal immigrants cross the border between mexico and U.S.A and half of those get caught and get sent back to mexico. If we all in the community could join together and say this we can make america great because many immigrants are here in U.S and they came here crossing the border and the parents that are here haven't even their moms sins they left because if they leave it will be hard to cross the border again to come to u.s again.

 There are many benefits of having them here they are the ones that pick berries and they bring fruit to our plate imagine if we would have no immigrants nobody would have fruit well we would but less.

What i want for this problem to be solved is to open the borders and help them have a better life and help them learn english because most of the teachers here in the u.s speak spanish so we need to teach them english.

  Sincerely, Angeles V. 

Lakeview MIddle School

Woods Period 6

This class is Ms. Woods's sixth period language arts class.

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