Abby L. Maine

Animal Cruelty

My letter is about why harsher rules need to be placed in order to save animals' lives and stop animal cruelty.

  Dear Future President,

Harsher laws need to be in place in order to save animals' lives, there needs to be a stop to animal cruelty.

Many animals are dying each year due to hunting and slaughtering.The ASPCA website stated that, 150,000 horses on average have died each year because of slaughtering for human consumption. Also, hunting disrupts animals' lives. That’s significant because it makes a big impact on their daily living, it interferes with migration, hibernation patterns, it breaks up their families and causes stress on the animals. Some may think that hunting is good because while they are hunting they are being physically active and getting their daily exercise but, there are many other activities that can be done for exercise such as baseball and soccer or you can even workout at the gym or go for a walk without being cruel to animals and spending a lot of money.

Also, researchers are using animals to do tests on. Researchers find it easier to test on animals rather than humans but animals have feelings too and can feel just as much pain as humans can. The tests on animals don’t even give much reliable data about humans. According to the Humane Society website, only about 19% of dangerous drug side affects could be predicted by animal testing. Testing shouldn’t be done on animals because animals are different than humans. Animals don’t get as many diseases as people have a chance of getting like Parkinson’s disease and heart diseases so therefore, there’s no point in testing on animals for data on them if it doesn’t mean anything and just hurts them.

Another reason harsher rules need to be placed to stop animal cruelty is because there is animal hoarding happening around the country that can be cruel to animals. Hoarding provides unsanitary conditions for animals to live in, animals aren’t always going to get the quality attention they need if there are several other animals living in the same house who also need attention from the owner and 250,000 animals have suffered per year from this issue. It needs to be stopped, because animals are going to continue to suffer if there is no change.

My last reason that harsher rules need to be placed is because of dog fighting. Dogs that are typically raised for fighting are raised in isolation and have no experience with people. For these fights, the animals are normally being trained harshly by being forced on a treadmill with another animal in a cage in front of it or by treading water for a long period of time. Also, many people only have their animals fighting because they have a chance of winning money and could care less about their pets.

I’m hoping after you read my issue about why harsher rules need to be placed to save animals, you must take this into consideration and make a change! You don't want animals to suffer from hunting and slaughtering, testing, animal hoarding and fighting, do you?… Thank you for reading my letter!


Abby L.