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We have to stop Global Warming!

As a person who is living at 21th century, the technology has been improved greatly. However, no one thought or considered these technology will come back to us as butterfly effect. It’s too late when we acknowledge the problem.

Dear Next President of United States, 

Often, we are too lazy to start one task or job so we decide to do later and sleep really late or wake up earlier than usual and finish the task or we don’t do it and makes variety of excuses.

As human nature, we repeatedly make that choices and regret what have I done. What if this is happening to everyone and right now? I would like to discuss today about “Global Warming.” Global warming is repeatedly forgotten subject and even if it does, people are thinking more about money than Earth that is suffering. Frequently, we think that “I’m one of 7.125 billion which means I would not impact much” but what if 7.125 billion people all think the same way? As a person who also thought that way, I would like to engage everyone that there is quote “One step can make a differences” explains that one person can make huge differences.

My example is that electric car and hybrid have interested a lot of people in 1800’s and 1900’s. For example, founder of the sports car company called Ferdinand Porsche invented an electric car called the P1 in 1898. Also, he created the world’s first hybrid electric car, a vehicle that is powered by both electricity and a gas engine. In addition, Thomas Edison, even Henry Ford thought the electric vehicles were great technology and thought they would like to explore more about it according to Wired. However, by the 1920s, the U.S. had a better system of roads connecting cities, and Americans wanted to get out and explore. With the discovery of Texas crude oil, gas became cheap then very few Americans outside of cities had electricity at that time. In the end, electric vehicles were all disappeared by 1935. This explains that people preferred the cheap one and didn’t know that it would affect much about Global warming. Therefore, big gasoline company acknowledged that these cars that they make will affect Global warming but they officially want it to be banned because it will make less profits for them.

Dear. next president of United States of America, I would like you to take actions about this problems. As I explained global warming is a topic which often get forgotten by human greediness. However, I would like you to produce or support more electric car or hybrid car and lower the price of it and then higher the price of cars that is using gasoline to move. In addition, the next president should spend more money to invent how to take out the gases or let it disappear the gases that is trapped which causes greenhouse effect. Also, plant more trees and reduce waste that will eventually be burnt which creates the gases and please keep the treaty between Europe that United States has signed for environment. In conclusion, “right now or never” explains that if we don’t solve this problem right now, someone else have to suffer from this problem so I would like to say that making small choices right now will make next generation to suffer less.

Baker ELA


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