Samantha F. Massachusetts

College Tuition Costs

College tuition costs have gone up an outrageous amount in the United States. Dear Madam or Mr. President, I am writing you this letter to address the outrageous cost of college tuition. I am only in 8th grade but my parents have already been saving for college for a long time now. Many people in this world want to be successful and go to college for a degree, but the only thing that is holding them back is the money. I read a piece from The Washington Post and it says, “A lot of people are pursuing a college education, which is a good thing… however, the financial cost of doing so also needs to be considered…. These large loan numbers can sometimes be thrown around without us actually realizing [the] day-to-day impact on our lives. We are now translating student loan debt to actual psychological and emotional burden.” People are not able to pursue a college education if they don’t have the money and that should not be the case. I also read another piece from CNN that says, “The average total cost of tuition, fees, and room and board rose 10% over the past five years at public colleges and by 12% at private institutions, adjusted for inflation.” The prices of a college tuition has gone up way too much. There should be ways to get a scholarship much easier, or maybe even a support system that will help people who don’t have the money to afford college be able to afford it. As our new president, we realize that you have a very high income, so you have never had problems with money. I hope that you can put your feet into some of our shoes and think about what our parents might feel like, thinking about paying for college. As our next president you need to make sure you are thinking about others and the issues that they are facing. There are three kids in my family including me and they have been saving up for college since I was born. If you were to bring the prices of these tuitions down- there would be people from all over the world going to colleges having a good time, making new memories, making new friends and not having to worry about money. Sincerely, Samantha Friedman

Baker ELA


8th Grade

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