W. Massachusetts


This letter is about immigration.

I'm not a big fan of immigrants but they deserve to have rights . If they aren't doing something wrong then they have the right to live . Some immigrants have kids that were born in the U.S and they have mouths to feed.  They deserve a chance.  

Immigrants have never had a big affect on me.  I personally think they deserve to have rights unless they broke the law, and then we can go against them. As long as they aren't breaking any laws then they are good to go. My recommendation is for immigrants to not commit any bad crimes or steal or none of that . They should have some jobs that gives a good amount of money so that they can live and feed their families and friends. 

The next president shouldn't worry about certain immigrants, he/she should be more worried about raising the country to be better and giving certain jobs to teenagers so they can work at certain jobs and help themselves out.  Most importantly everyone should have the same rights. They shouldn't treat others better based on skin color or how rich they are.  Everyone should be treated equally. The president shouldn't separate families from each other unless there has been a big crime committed.