Anthony M.

Transgender Bathroom

My letter is about how transgender are denied access to the bathroom of their choice

Dear Future President,

What would you do if you were denied access to the bathroom of your gender choice? Imagine if you had to use the restroom but before you could enter your stopped and told “You don’t belong in here.” You were basically told you can’t go somewhere you feel you belong.

Marcie Bianco highlights “40% of registered voters stated transgenders should be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice.” While 60% said “they should be legally prevented to use the bathroom of their choice.” For example Men and Women are denied everyday from entering the bathroom of their choice. This is discrimination to transgenders I compared this to how the Black people weren’t allowed to use the same bathrooms as white people.This is racism in disguise and it’s basically legal.

According to a 2013 Williams Institute report “over 63% of transgenders are denied access to the bathroom of their choice.” The report also stated there's “roughly 70% of transgenders have been denied access,assaulted, even harassed while trying to use the bathroom.” These hate crimes are basically legal when it comes to transgender bathroom use. People all around the world have a bad concept of transgenders using the bathroom because they're thought of being the bathroom predators, but this isn't true more than half of the transgender population have been sexual assualted when using the restroom.I also connected to how black people were thought of through slavery and segregation we were thought to be evil ignorant animals who would never amount to anything.

There are some places in the world that offer transgender a solution. Some states offer transgenders the bathroom of their choice. I personally think we should raise awareness about this tragedy or will it go over look just like the black lives matter campaign. I pray that you read this future president because we need a change in America or it won't be a Nation we call home anymore.


Anthony Mitchell

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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