gabriella California


The stereotypes people have against immigrants.

Dear Future President,

My name is Gabriella and I wanted to talk to you about Immigration. This is important for me to at least get across because I don't like hearing of all the stereotypes people have put on immigrants. This may not be the biggest issue you might have, but immigration and the stereotype people have made on them is something we should talk about. Ever since the United States came to be we have had immigrants coming from their corrupt countries to get away from persecution and other religious difficulties. People now seem to have a problem with everyone coming in. Like my history teacher said almost everyone’s parents, grandparents, or ancestors have immigrated from somewhere, unless you were native-born. In the past we have had issues with some of the immigrants, but not all are here to cause terror like they did.

Some people think that all immigrants are here to take their jobs. That is not true, they come here to have jobs and provide for their families. A lot of Americans don’t even have jobs. So how could immigrant be taking American jobs if people don’t want to work and they have money handed to them. I’m not saying that all immigrants are all good because some of them are not. Most immigrants come here because they want the American dream. That's all immigrants have ever wanted.

Most people put labels on immigrants saying their either here to cause terror or their criminals. On the news we hear all the devastating things that have happened around the world and in our country. Once we hear of all the wrong they have done to our country we all get bad impressions on them. One example is what happened September 11th 2001. After that happened and some of the other stuff we have been hearing about on the news they begin to think that most of them are here to keep causing that terror we don’t want. Another example how people say hispanic people are here to bring drugs and cause harm to others. They’re not all here to cause trouble but we don’t know that. It's hard to tell if they're going to come here and case harm and that's why people don't want them coming here. We could be more strict on our security, background checks and if you think they may be suspicious then keep an eye on them until you think it would be safe. Our country is the best in the world and everyone who is here or comes here should respect our country.

People complain thinking that illegal immigrants don't have to pay taxes, they do. Just like everyone else they still have to pay taxes. American Immigration Council states “The best evidence suggests that at least 50 percent of undocumented immigrant households currently file income tax return using individual tax identification numbers. Many who don't file still have taxes deducted from their checks”. All immigrants have to pay any taxes there is. They pay property, sales, and income taxes no matter what.

I agree on how illegal immigrants have more benefits than Americans and that's not fair. Newsmax media says “33 percent have more cash welfare, 57 percent more food assistance, and 44 percent more in medicaid dollars”. I wouldn't argue on this. My opinion is if they are here to have better lives for themselves they should work for their money. They shouldn't be getting more benefits than Americans. They should have equal benefits as everyone else if they want to become Americans.

We have a great country and most of the countries are corrupt and don't have as much freedom as we do in ours. Most illegal immigrants are here to get away from all the wrong in their country, have a better life for themselves, and to be able to provide for their families. We should all understand and take that into consideration, instead of trying to close our borders and kick them out. I do understand that lately we have been having issues with terrorism but it doesn't mean that we should just stop letting people in because not all are like them. People should stop having stereotypes on others and thinking that everyone just wants to come here to cause terror. Will you please take this into consideration and help with the issues we are having with illegal immigrants. Thank you!


Gabriella H.