Lizie N. Illinois

Our United States

America could be great by making changes. New changes of terrorism, taxes, and other cultures can be a start.

Dear President,

I would like to discuss about the American rights. I would like to start at first how America is where people could have their freedom but all I see is how you are only making it easier for whites. Taking away Mexicans, Indians, Asians, Europeans, and ect. is totally going against the point of having American, where anybody can come for freedom. It’s fine to keep whites separated from other cultures in united States but you shouldn't kick all other cultures out completely. Whites were also not the first human beings that found United States but Native Americans did. The terrorism problem is a huge thing to discuss. Many ways people could come in and destroy anything they see. The solution could be is to first capture all the terrorists in United States. Then before any other terrorists can come into United States we should check people about their personal background. But we should only check the people who are coming to United States for the first time and not the other people who already had lived in the USA. We could start by having a type of pass for each family member. So if we have gone to another country then came back to the US we would have all our passport information and the pass which will allow them to skip the background check, and if they don’t they would need to be checked upon. The tax issue is going to be very hard for many people to handle. Many people who are poor, that work everyday to just get food on the table for their family is tough. Now having them to pay more money is only going to make things worse. You should higher taxes on whites when they have all the money instead of people who are poor which own barely any money. I hope you make the right choice to make America great again.


Lizie N.