Will R. Utah

Bring America Back

You have a lot to solve. America has fallen from the top and only you can bring us back. As the next President, you will need to address multiple issues that keep America divided. The only way to bring America back is to bring America together.

Dear Next President,

Congratulations on becoming the next president of the United States. We are currently a very divided country and you have to represent everyone, so try to balance everything. The biggest issue you will be confronting is America’s place in the world. America used to be a place of power, influence, and prosperity. Currently, this isn't the case. We’ve lost the shine we worked through revolution, invention, war, and reform to create. It will be your responsibility to reclaim our spot. This shouldn’t be done in a racist, ruthless manner, however. Bring America together as a country and unite us behind the pressure of our challenge. By healing the rifts in our country, we can work together in a quest toward the top. However, how to do this is up to you.

In order to help the country excel again, you must address the issues within our country. The citizens of America require healing before we can progress. The plights of racism, sexism, poverty, and gun violence pollute the country. For example, there is hatred for different nationalities and ethnicities. This contradicts the foundation of America because we a country of immigrants. We should welcome our differences because our best creations occur in the presence of diversity.

Next, gun violence threatens life across the country. Owning guns is not the issue: it’s the people who can get ahold of them. You should place thorough restrictions on the mentally ill and criminals. If bad people can get ahold of guns, bad things will happen. Your challenge is that you need to balance constitutional rights with circumstance. Once again, I don’t have the answers, only the problems. Only you can solve these issues. Social issues in America have gone unaddressed or poorly covered for too long, and it would be wise to work toward solutions during your presidency.

Another example is social welfare, a major stress point on our country over the last eight years. Social welfare programs need severe reform because they are not improving the conditions of the poor. Social welfare is once again concealing a problem by producing temporary results. Programs that don’t burden the rest of the country are the key to solving the issue. We must respect the values of capitalism while looking after our own people. It is your responsibility to figure out the wrongs of the country to send us to the top again. These issues are what keeps America from uniting together. Work hard, and stay true.



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