Maddeline I. Wisconsin

Wage Gap

Wage gaps between men and women need to be closed.

Dear Future President,

Throughout the years, the wage gap between women have been slowly closing. However, the wage gap still exists. Recent research shows that in 2015 women made 80 cents to every dollar earned by a man. Gender inequality is already a prevalent issue in our society, and one step you could take to close and fix this gap would be changing the wage gap.

Wage gaps affect lots of families with one parent homes, especially if they are single mother homes. To be exact, 84% of households with single parent homes are women, most households having more than one child. Half of that percentage, around 45%, are under the poverty line. How as a society are we supposed to expect single women, most importantly mothers, to take care of children, have a job (more than likely more than one job), pay bills, and still find time to actually enjoy her family. This wage gap needs to be closed.

Single mothers are capable of all of these things, and there is the other side, single fathers, but as stated, men earn more money than women. There are only 13% of single father families that live under the poverty line, and have an income of $84,000. That’s $24,000 more dollars, than what a single mother will make. Both parties of a single parent lifestyle struggle, and that each background is different, but the point is a wage gap should not exist. Women work just as hard, or even harder, to be taken seriously in a professional workforce. Women deserve the same rights and equality as men, especially when it comes to pay, and earning their own wages.

As the future president, I challenge you to try and close the wage gaps. Try and make the lives of American women easier and one less discrimination against them.