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Co2 too blame?

Dear Mr.President here are some reasons co2 is to Blame. Co2 to blame? Co2 is destroying the earth:ex:co2 pollution in the water,air and in the soil. Here are some ways to help to get the pollution out.

By Macadam.J.Herrmann

Alternative Energy Sources – Overview

Human civilization has started realizing how much harm they have already caused to the environment; and when it comes to take a stand against these environmental problems, the focus shifts to the use of alternative energy sources. Have you ever wondered what Alternative Energy Sources are? and why are they supposed to help us sustain? Alternative sources of energy are the ones which do not cause any undesirable consequences to the environment, are renewable and are free!

Alternative energy sources can be implemented for houses, for cars, factories and any other facility you can imagine. Scientists around the world are researching on developing and discovering new Alternative Energy Sources so that the growing energy needs of human population can be met more easily, safely and efficiently. Here is a list of Alternative Energy Sources which will help us maintain the balance of nature without causing it much harm as compared to the conventional energy sources.       source Alternative Energy Sources

Help Us Sustain Our Environment

Can sucking co2 out of the atmosphere really work?

Physicist Peter Eisenberger had expected colleagues to react to his idea with skepticism. He was claiming, after all, to have invented a machine that could clean the atmosphere of its excess carbon dioxide, making the gas into fuel or storing it underground. And the Columbia University scientist was aware that naming his two-year-old startup Global Thermostat hadn’t exactly been an exercise in humility.

But the reception in the spring of 2009 had been even more dismissive than he had expected. First, he spoke to a special committee convened by the American Physical Society to review possible ways of reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through so-called air capture, which means, essentially, scrubbing it from the sky. They listened politely to his presentation but barely asked any questions. A few weeks later he spoke at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory in West Virginia to a similarly skeptical audience. Eisenberger explained that his lab’s research involves chemicals called amines that are already used to capture concentrated carbon dioxide emitted from fossil-fuel power plants. This same amine-based technology, he said, also showed potential for the far more difficult and ambitious task of capturing the gas from the open air, where carbon dioxide is found at concentrations of 400 parts per million. That’s up to 300 times more diffuse than in power plant smokestacks. But Eisenberger argued that he had a simple design for achieving the feat in a cost-effective way, in part because of the way he would recycle the amine. “That didn’t even register,” he recalls. “I felt a lot of people were pissing on me.”  by Eli Kintisch October 7, 2014

I believe that Some of the options and ideas that I have put on here will help, but not just us but the world. The world needs it otherwise we can't live the ozone will deplete and if you get stuck in the suns rays you will burn.

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