Alivia New Jersey

Black Lives Matter

All people should have equal rights.

Dear future president,

Racism and Criminal Justice is a major issue in the United States. Racism is a big issue because many blacks are being killed for no reason at all and it needs to stop. First I will talk about the movement Black Lives Matter that was started in 2013. Bernie and Hillary Clinton use the phrase ¨Black Lives Matter¨ to reference the goals of the movement to focus attention on the victims of police violence who are black, after earlier struggles. This shows even presidential candidates are agreeing with this phrase.

A story told by Sophie in Utah about criminal justice is ¨In 2012 February 26 and unarmed 17 year old was trying to avoid the armed pursuit of a of a grown man. Reports are different on what exactly happened. The was a fight/chase it ended with a gunshot. That´s when Trayvon Martin passed away.¨ He was only 17 years young too. This story shows ridiculous people are just killing black people for like I said before, no reason at all.

As of November 11, 5,000 blacks were killed, 3,100 Native Americans, 2,600  Hispanics, 2,300 whites and only 900 Asians have been killed by police. I think all these numbers need to be reduced but its just crazy how 5,500 blacks were killed and only 900 Asians. I think these numbers should be in the hundreds.

In conclusion, all the numbers of people that are being killed should be equal. Many ways to solve this is by having movement, groups that work with all Blacks to do research on this issue and lastly our president should be punishing police.