Comfort New Jersey

Black lives matter

The every day struggles that people in the black community go through.

Dear future president,

I would like to address the problem we have in our country. It’s a problem that sadly still goes on today. The problem is that black people today still don't get treated equally. On July 5, 2016 a black man named Alton Sterling was tackled to the ground and shot multiple times by 2 white police officers just because he was trying to sell CDs. The video was taped and was all over the internet at the time.

Another problem was in San Antonio on July 11, 2016 when a white couple cursed out a black family. They didn’t even say sorry to the family from the start. Th video was recorded live on Facebook and in less than 12 hours the video had over 1.4 million views. The white lady told the family,"My ancestors owned your **s." She and her husband were also calling them bi****s and n****rs very loudly to their faces.

I personally feel that there is no way for this problem to be solved, but what racist people have to realize is that the black people helped build the economy of this country. They have to realize that black people are just like them but a different skin color. Another thing that the lady said to them is that they should go back to where they came from. If you want them out of America so badly then why don't you fund their trip. If they were never brought here half to most of the things  they made in the country would not even be here. They helped hand in hand with the other people of America to give it its shape. The sad part is that they just wanted to do their own thing but the white people want to take over. This was never their country. So they have no reason to think that they are better then every one. 

In the end racism just need to stop in general. If the black people tried to fight back they would just lose more lives in the black community. They deserve a chance to redeem their selves. Yes, i know that my opinion doesn't matter but the people of the community, their opinions matter. For example what if your child was black and they just wanted to go to the local park. Then suddenly you get call from someone saying that he or she is dead because they were shot by a police man. Then you wouldn't feel safe in your own town. That is how some black people feel. I feel like hat should change. 

Maybe a way to fix this problem is that all police men and police woman should be asked questions about their race, the race the do or don´t like and background. If they meet the qualifications then they can get the job. If they don´t, then that is for the employer to decide whats happens. 

That is one of the problems that i wanted to address to you today. I hope you try to the best of your ability to change this problem.

                                                                              Sincerely from,