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I am writing about immigration, because their is a problem. The problem is their isn't one! I don't see the problem with immigration! Here's why.......

Dear future president,

There is a problem with immigration. The government is making immigrants pay taxes and THEN locking them up. I don't see the problem with immigrants coming here. I mean i could see if they were smuggling stuff here but all they are doing is trying to come to this amazing country! What do they do though is lock them up! You do not know why they came. Maybe they had a rough life at home or things were bad in their country, you do not know! But when they come here to try to get a better life, they get locked up. I don't think it's fair. According to job owners immigrants fit in in america, and you barely notice that they are here. They work harder than most Americans and take jobs that most Americans will not do like dangerous, dirty jobs. Immigration happens every three days and i don't think they should be ignored OR have to stay in hiding.

I propose that you keep a guard at most of the places where they immigrate, just to check if they are smuggling anything, and if they are not then please just let them in! Most of them do not have money, so i am asking if we could have some shelters across the country JUST for immigrants so they have at least a place to live, food, and have some time to get a job, just like any and every human being should have.

What's wrong with having more taxpayers, more workers, and more great people in this Country? You can get a better chance for people to get jobs that other people won't do.For example maybe a roofing job or one that you have to clean up a wrecked house that a storm hit or a fire was in. And you will get a better chance at everything like jobs, and children, and peace. Please at least think about my suggestions, i believe in my ideas. Thank you for your time Mr./Ms. President.