Amber Iowa

Guns in America

We have a guns problem in America. We have to fix it.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Guns are a big problem today and the U.S. should make guns harder to purchase by making background checks more difficult. We should do this because estimated 46,394 total gun incidents happen every year because of guns. The U.S. shouldn’t get rid of them, the U.S. should just make them harder to get.

The gun industry has grown to be a huge deal. In 1960, estimated 2 million guns were sold in the U.S. In 2011, the guns sold had increased by 9.5 million guns sold. That leads to supply and demand for guns: 41% from family and friends, 32% off the street, 12% from gun shop or pawn shop, 4% were stolen, 2% from gun show, 1% from burglary, and 8% from other. That leads to a lot of deaths with all of those guns in hands of people, and the people that are not criminals use them for protection or they are used for the enforcement. Every year 32,964 people die from guns, 78,815 survive gun injury. Every day, 90 people die from guns, and 216 survive the gun accident. The U.S. should not get rid of guns because people use them for protection to survive from people with guns that want to kill them.

People think that we have a bunch of gun laws. 16 years ago, scholars counted and found 400 gun laws. Most of those gun laws are not even enforced. One of the these laws doesn't even need to have a background check to buy a gun. 40% of the sales have background checks while the other 60% do not. We can fix this by making guns need to have background checks to get them, check any suspicious crates that are imported, make them have a permit for a gun that they have to renew every so often when they buy a gun they have to show a permit before they get the gun, check their mental health if they metal prepared to have a gun.

There are many ways that the U.S. can fix this problem, if a citizen of the U.S. can figure this out, then I think that the future president can figure this out or if they can’t it will be a let down for a lot of people if they cannot resolve the problem. So, if the president reads this, fix this problem right away so people do not have to die because of this problem.



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