Taylor B. Oregon

Animal Abuse

Why is animal abuse so important and what should our country do to start helping this issue. Animal abuse and animal testing are both in the category of abuse towards animals and we need to learn as a nation why treating animals this way is inappropriate and learn to stop the continues method of testing makeup products and treating animals with neglect.

Taylor Bell

Dear Future President,

Animal Abuse is a big problem in the United States of America, and with you being the new president and all, I wanted to inform you about the things that are happening and what needs to be fixed. These are actions we need to take as a nation in its whole.

The term animal abuse in its simplest form can simply be either deliberate abuse or the accidental failure to take care of an animal. Either way the animal/pet, farm animal or wildlife is a victim to cruelty and can suffer terribly. Some might think this isn't as big of a concern, but animal abuse/cruelty is, and there is no reason to ever treat an animal with this sort of behavior. International cruelty around the world is a large problem because it can be a sign of psychological distress and indicates an individual person may be a victim of violence. Some startling statistics include around 85% of battered women report violence toward their animals and 87% of incidents occurred in their presence yet another 75% in the presence of their children according to onlineveterinarytechnicianachools.com.

Even animal testing is part of animal abuse/cruelty, and we need to step up to the makeup foundations that have been using animals to test their products for years. It's a terrible idea and has been used ever since the idea came to be. An expert in animal cruelty from the organization In Defense of animals, Dr. James Serpell said, “From an animal welfare perspective concerns arise from the fact that animal experiments cause pain, distress and harm. Housing may restrict ‘natural’ behavior and some animals may develop dysfunctional behaviors.” Are we just going to keep letting them do this to these poor animals?After reading this and hearing what he’s said, it puts a lump in my throat knowing all these animals are suffering and there’s nothing I can do as an individual. We need to step up and start making these concerns a job to start fixing.

There are many ways to step up and start helping animal abuse and cruelty. Parents and educators need to start teaching children how to safely and humanely interact with animals at an early age. This could certainly help the numbers of animal abuse go down by each generation. Some comparisons relating to animal abuse was a quote from www.humanesociety.org ‘studies taken from human violence compared to animal abuse and 71% to 83% of women entering domestic violence shelters told the shelter that their former partner had abused or killed their family pet.’ Is this not a startling problem? Let’s get the help and fix this.

In response to these tragic events that continue to accrue every day for these helpless animals, getting the community together and trying to stop this issue would mean so much to the local humane societies and animal clinics around the world. So, future president, I hope in some way you might help out at least a little. By starting to help promote fundraisers around the country and start having teachers teach about animal abuse and how to handle animals with care would be a great start.