Thomas A. California

Immigration and Our Safety

We need to be stricter on people coming to our country.

Dear President, 

In the past years, our country has been threatened by many terrorist groups and now we are targeted more than ever, by not only Isis, but by many other terror groups. Seeing countries like France and Belgium be attacked by these terrorists should put us on alert since their immigration laws are not strict at all. We need to stop all illegal immigration at once for many can be a threat to our nation and it's people. The US will be a vulnerable target to terrorists if we do not enforce new and stricter immigration laws. Not only can immigrants be dangerous, but over populating our country will damage our resource supply and can possibly cause more pollution. Our country is the land of the free, but immigrants need to be carefully checked on who they are and what they are apart of, while they earn proper paper work. They are causing a crime by coming here illegally and they need to be sent back immediately for they may be a threat to our country.