Nicole B. California

What is Necessary

Why planned parenthood should be funded.

What is Necessary

Dear Future President,

Please realize that Planned Parenthood is an essential part of lots of communities. There are a lot more issues than abortions that Planned Parenthood helps with. Only 2% of their operations is actually abortion. Planned Parenthood gives out birth control, cancer screening, and HIV tests. They give kids condoms if necessary. Is it not better that kids be protected then just risk it? If we closed or defunded Planned pParenthood, I am sure teen pregnancy would increase. In many cases Planned Parenthood has saved people’s lives with their screenings; many women would not have known they had cancer without Planned Parenthood. 

 The main problem of Planned Parenthood for many people is abortion. The statements people say about how women should live with their mistake or that we should not have the choice to control our bodies is a little absurd. I can understand people who believe that we cannot kill a “life,” but technically it is not a life yet. People who state we need to live with our actions, that is a little harsh. That is stating if a woman is raped, she must live with that burden forever. That is stating that if the birth control happens to not work, she must live with that forever. Making the decision to get an abortion is a very difficult decision, no one wants to do it. If someone has the guts to do so they are only being responsible. That action is done because they know they cannot provide for a child, they may not be able to provide for themselves. Yes, there are options such as adoption, but think about all the children already waiting to be adopted, we do not need more children suffering because that is a choice their parents made. Abortion is a difficult decision to make, but it also shows responsibility. 

Women need that choice, the choice to control their own body. And yes, sometimes an abortion happens very late in a pregnancy, but it is an extremely low percentage, and only done because the mother is in danger. These health care options are necessary. Planned Parenthood is necessary. Please do not take these options away from us.


Nicole Bonacorso