Dayna B. Wisconsin


Abortion should be more difficult for women to access.

Dear Future President,

I feel that abortion should be illegal or at least more difficult for women to access. I think this because a unborn baby is still a human life, and during an abortion there is a possibility that the baby can feel pain. According to Opposing Viewpoints, about 99% of pregnancies are a result of sexual relations in which both partners are willingly participated. So if one chooses to have sexual relations they should accept the consequences, go through with the pregnancy and give the baby up for adoption. Also a woman has the same right to live as a child; however, in most abortions a woman's right to live is not an issue because the woman's life is not in danger. This should not be the case. All and all women should be responsible for their own actions and not take abortion as the easy way out of the consequences.

Dayna B.