Evee R. California


Police Brutality needs to stop. People are being hurt, shot, and killed.

Dear Future President,

Do you ever wonder how many people life in fear by people who wear badges? This is actually happening today and it's disappointing because we should be looking up at the people that protect us. Our people are afraid of what the police would do to us, we don't feel safe anymore.

I would like to bring your attention to this because it's a major issue. Police Brutality is a major issue because people are being killed, hurt and shot. Our police officers should get new training and they should be trained for free.

I believe everyone has the right to get justice. For example, someone got killed by a police officer and they didn’t get justice because that person was colored.  Justice should be for everyone, no matter the color of skin. According to “Racism in Criminal Justice” it states “Why does a crime defined a Hispanic, African American, Asian American?”  Ellie Bouwer was asking," if one person from one race does something bad, now everyone from that race is that too?"

Police officers need to stop killing people and harming people. It isn’t right to be killing innocent people. For example, many people were killed in the last 3 months by police officers. In this whole year about 1,873 people were killed. Most of them were African American and Native Americans and Hispanic. Only 3% of the whites in this  nation were killed.

Police officers should get new training. Police officers have a very important job in our nation because they protect us but since the police have been killing people and now we don’t feel safe. Therefore the police station should help out their teammates and get new informants.

In conclusion this is why it's a major issue police brutality should stop.


Evee R

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