Myah P. California


Police brutality needs to stop now, we can't let the people who protect us kill us because of our color.

 Dear Future President,

            My name is Myah I am a 8th grader student in San Diego

   California my school is called HSHMC. I want the future president to fix

police brutality in the United States right away. Do you know how many 

  people live in fear by people who wear badges, including me? Police brutality

is a very important situation you should know about because, citizens are not

  trusting police and it makes the world a more dangerous place, and it bothers

me to see innocent people being killed for the color of their skin. I want to fix

  this problem by giving ideas on how to resolve these problems.

              I chose this topic because I want our police service to protect and serve

  but now, I don’t think they are doing such a great job. This is a very

important topic to me i feel that it is wrong to kill somebody with a skin

  color that makes them seem bad to them. US police have killed at least 194

black people in 2016. The youngest police killing so  far has been a 13 year old little boy who was 

playing with his BB gun the police mistaken it as a gun and killed him. 

Then a 18 year old man who was shot by the police even though he was doing everything they asked 

him to do. Both victims skin colors were black.

           I feel as if our police force is going down hill in our communities. I

believe to fix this problem we can have our police retrained for free for a year.

  I think our government should provide money for this and gradually start

with the stations that have recorded police brutality, and then the whole US.

  This will help them to see that black lives matter. Also it helps them for quick

thinking situations for example.  Junior Prosper crashed the car he was

  driving, a cab, on the highway and began to run away. An officer chased

Junior, claiming Junior bit his finger before the officer shot and killed him. Maybe he shouldn't have

 run, but he should not have been shot.

           Another way you can solve this is to have cameras provided for every

police women/man. This is a little camera that will be hooked onto a police

  jacket. This is to record non stop so if there is a recording of a police

brutality, no officer can lie about what happened. Diamond Reynolds was a

  husband and was shot three times, because they thought he had a gun. And

he didn’t the police officers said that he had reached for it but there was no

  gun found. If we had a camera to prove that there was or wasn’t a gun there

would be justice.

     In conclusion I think our police force should be retrained, and should

have cameras on their vests to have a better police force this year.


   - Myah P.


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