Juan C. California

Is Homelessness One Of The Biggest Issues?

I think that homelessness is a big issue that people choose not to focus on because if you look around you in the streets you are likely to see a homeless person.

Dear Future President,

                      I believe that homelessness is a big issue in The United States because when you look at the streets of San Diego for example you are most likely to see a homeless person in the street either sleeping or looking for a place to rest. In the article the importance of ending homelessness by: Vivinia Gonzalez it states that,” a homeless is an individual without permanent housing that may live in the streets.” Another fact that the article The Importance Of Ending Homelessness stated was that,” homelessness has affected 3.5 million people, 1.5 million of them being children. This is a bad thing because it is not just the grown ups that are affected by this children are too and if we don’t try to do something about this the number will increase eventually.

                       I think that you should do something about this, maybe we can make a fundraiser for the homeless people and the money that is collected can be sent to buy food for most of the homeless people. If we do this the fundraiser would have to be big because we have to pay for the food until they find a job and they are able to pay for their own food, home and some cloths for them to wear after,that is done we won’t have to pay for anything. This fundraiser could be held every year so little by little we will be taking homeless people out of the streets. Another option is that we make a place for homeless people that don’t have a shelter just how we made a place for old people that can’t take care of themselves.I hope you can do something about this because if we don’t more and more people will live in the streets becoming homeless.

                        Homelessness is an important issue all around the United States but if we don’t do anything homelessness will become more common than what it already is. This is why you should do something about it like making a fundraiser or make a place for them like how we made a place for the old people that can’t take care of themselves anymore. I hope you pay attention to this issue because we wouldn’t want the homelessness number to increase.


           Juan Anorve

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