Luther California

Dear Mr Trump,

Why I think you're unfit to be president.

Dear Mr. Trump,

I want to touch on multiple issues that you have discussed in recent months. In my America you have spewed nothing but hate and distrust amongst all of us living in this country. You are stuck in your own conservative ideologies and you’re not all for ‘the land of the free’. You’ve constantly degraded and talked down about women. I believe a leader is someone who is very considerate, understanding, compassionate, and able to deal calmly with conflict or adversities. Unfortunately you do not embody these qualities, which makes me question your ability to be president. Your stance on so many issues are forcing people to do things that they do not willingly want to do. America is known for having freedom, but it seems like you’re trying to do anything and everything to take that away from us.

A president is someone who has leadership skills. One who is passionate, respectful, honest, and cares for others. Which are things you have not accomplished. You claim that you want to make ‘America Great Again,’ but there’s nothing great about you. I’m scared of what this country will turn into if you become president. Being a black male in America and with your campaigning going on I’ve experienced more racism than ever before. I’m not only afraid for my African-American brothers and sisters but scared for everyone who you hold biases against.

By Luther Haynes III.