Emily Iowa

Gun Rights

Are gun rights good or bad?

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I believe that everyone should be able to own a gun, but since this is an important issue there have to be some restrictions on guns. For example, I do not believe it’s okay for people who are not trained to walk around the community with a gun in their pocket or purse. They have more of a chance to hurt themselves and others. I believe it should be harder to get and own a gun, For instance, you should have to go through some difficult training to own a gun. Just as medicine comes in childproof bottles, guns should always come in a protected “child proof” case.

People who are anti-gun control believe that the second amendment is something that every American is entitled to, and that banning or putting restrictions on guns would be unconstitutional. I would agree with these people, even though we have changed the constitution many times. There are many different ways we could fix the problems created by guns with laws, and not changing the amendment all together. Gun control also doesn’t mean that all killings with guns will be eliminated; for example, most people believe in most areas where there is high gun control there are more instances of gun violence and crime in general.

Overall, I don’t think we should change the amendment and I don’t believe there should be much gun control, but we do need more restrictions. When you go buy a gun they should do a full background check to make sure you are physically and mentally capable to own a gun. Then you should go through hard training to show you can use a gun in a correct, safe way. I believe this is a safe and better way to own a gun and use it in the right way.

Sincerely, Emily