Khoa D. California

Making College More Affordable

Many students can't go to college because of the high tuition.

Dear Next President,

I'm a sixteen year old student in my junior year of High School. I’ve been looking at some prices of colleges and they’re really expensive. Why? Our schools put many pressures about telling us how important it is to go to college, but at the cost of colleges students aren’t able to go. They tried their best to get positive results in High School but they all fear that they can't succeed as much as others simply because of their inability to afford the expensive college tuition that we have today. College is very important to be successful in life as they said. Lots of kids don’t go to college because of financial problems.I'm an immigrant so I know how hard is it to afford for college.I truly believe that if college was affordable, 9 out of 10 students would attend college.

This is most definitely a difficult problem with many solutions. Primarily, I believe that textbooks should be borrowed for free. I believe it is truly ridiculous that the “average textbook budget is $1200 a year now” (Davidson). This is an additional burden on students who are already paying for their education, food, room, etc. Do you think a student or a family can pay for those burdens?

Students are the future and if we’re not receiving the education we deserve , we won’t have the opportunity to truly grow as a nation.

I want to thank you for reading my letter and I hope you put into consideration the ideas I have proposed.


Khoa N.