Jacqueline A. California


Discrimination has become one of America's biggest problems today.

Dear Future President,

There have been many issues in regards to discrimination which has been a problem in the United States for  several years. Being in the United States, people believe it is the "land of the free", but it becomes difficult to believe this statement when all the Americans hear about is police brutality or the deportation of immigrants.

 Police brutality has become one of America's biggest issues in 2016. Racial profiling is one of the main conflicts being faced, having diversity in the U.S. is beneficial to our community and hasn't impacted us in a negative way.

The deportation of immigrants needs to come to an end, it has separated millions of families and left many children without their parents. Immigrants have brought many things along with them that have helped shape America how it is today.

Getting rid of discrimination will not be simple, but you can be the influence in how the future generations begin to see other racial groups, instead of having a negative view on them.