Bryan Iowa


I think that we need to lower the cost of taxes. They are too high.

Dear future president,

I think that we should lower taxes because then people can afford more stuff and be able to pay the little taxes that we will have. A lot of people are affected by taxes because everybody has to pay the taxes that they have. If we don’t have enough money to build roads and stuff then we just wait a few years and then we can afford the roads. There are some people in the world that think taxes are better because they get the money to buy stuff. But on the other hand people don’t like taxes because they have to pay their own money that they worked for and got to pay the government for things. A lot of people lose money because of taxes and then they have to work more and then they don’t get to spend as much time with their family. If people lose their jobs businesses could go out of business. But if we don’t pay taxes some businesses could go out of money because they won’t have as much money as they use to with the taxes. So it could go either way. What I want to see happen is that we lower the taxes so people in the U.S. can afford things.



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